Searching for your ideal home can be a fun and exciting experience. However, once you feel you have found ‘the one’ taking the next step of making an offer can often feel daunting, especially for first time buyers or those who have not moved home for many years.

Trying to ensure a successful outcome of making an offer requires consideration and preparation.

Experience has shown that it is essential to plan your finances and to know your budget. Taking professional financial advice can help determine the maximum you are able to pay for a property.

Be prepared to progress quickly should your offer be accepted.  Seek a suitable conveyancing firm or solicitor to act for you on your purchase.

Researching similar properties in the area that have recently sold may help you decide how much to offer. However, remember to consider how the house you want differs from others in its specific location and condition.

Consider any items you want to be included in your offer and also any timescale you wish to achieve. This can help avoid disappointment later on.

Be prepared to negotiate but remember your budget. Know your limit and stay within it.

Make the estate agent aware of your situation. Buyers with no related sale who can proceed quickly may be looked upon more favourably by the sellers, particularly if they are in a hurry to move.

Once you are happy with all of the above - Make your offer! Good Luck J

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